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1. Should we know about your product or service?

Do you have an age smart food, new cookbook, new product launch, healthy snack or power beverage Eat Smart Age SmartTM should know about?

Please contact us directly below and someone from our editorial team will contact you:

EditorialTeam [at] beautymatchnetwork [dot] com

2. Media Enquiry

Are you looking for a healthy eating expert?

Are you a journalist on a tight deadline, looking for an expert to comment on healthy eating trends or provide simple uncomplicated tips on healthy eating and adopting a healthy lifestyle for a feature you’re working on?

Do you want to book me for an on-air appearance?

I would be thrilled to assist with your story, so don’t hesitate to contact me. I already have a lot of PR experience since I used a publicist to help me with the promotion of my food guide books! I’ve done many radio (internet and traditional), TV, magazine and newspaper interviews.

>>> You can take a look at my bio here: About Krizia

Do you want to get in touch with the Editor-in-Chief? Please send us an email to:

EditorialDesk [at] beautymatchnetwork [dot] com

3. Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for an enthusiastic speaker who is totally devoted and passionate about healthy eating for an upcoming event? I love talking about food and that’s why I take my passion for sharing this love and helping others embrace the notion of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle very seriously.

I’d love to be a guest speaker at your next event. You can contact me via the email below:

EditorialDesk [at] beautymatchnetwork [dot] com

4. Technical Support and Customer Support

If you’re having problems downloading a document from our site, you can contact us via this email address:

EditorialTeam [at] beautymatchnetwork [dot] com

5. Freelance writing opportunities with Eat Smart Age Smart Network

If you’d like to inquire about freelance writing, please send your resume with three writing samples to:

EditorialDesk [at] beautymatchnetwork [dot] com

Note: We’re using this format to minimize the amount of spam email we receive. To email us, simply cut and paste the email address in your browser and remove the angle brackets before and after the “at” and replace the word “at” with the @ sign. Ex:

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