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See yourself 20 or 30 or 40 pounds thinner with WeightView!

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The last time I reviewed WeightView back in February 2007, there were about 15,000 people who had uploaded their photos to see the before and after photos of themselves at their ideal weight. As I’m writing these lines, over 180,000 people have decided to use WeightView as the motivational tool they needed because they can actually SEE themselves 20, 30, 40 or 70 pounds thinner.

At this time of the year where “weight loss resolution” promotions are in full swing, you can imagine that there is no shortage of options to choose from to achieve your weight goals.

That said, most people never make it past Saint Valentine’s Day and I think that one of the reasons why so many people abandon their dreams is because they don’t have a clear mental image of what they are trying to achieve.

A concept like WeightView can give you that boost that you need to get you off of your sofa and working out. You’ll be less likely to make excuses for not sticking to your fitness regime when you can look at your before and after WeightView photos.


If you have your “thinner you” WeightView photo on your desktop or if you’ve printed it and stuck it on your refrigerator, you might think twice before having two large pieces of double decker chocolate cake with frosting and whipped cream!

I had first heard of WeightView while watching Access Hollywood. They were doing a segment where they were showing super-skinny celebs like Tara Reid, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan, Keira Knightley, Teri Hatcher, the Olsen twins and Nicole Richie at a normal weight by adding 20,30, 50 and 70 pounds to their bodies via the magic of WeightView! The transformations were amazing!

The mind-blowing thing is that in most cases the after pictures didn’t look shockingly different at all. Access Hollywood was trying to make the point that with an addition of 50 lbs, most female Hollywood super-skinny actresses didn’t look remotely fat with the extra pounds … on the contrary … the extra weight made them look normal, healthy and quite sexy. The only Hollywood actresses who didn’t look too good with the extra weight on was Teri Hatcher because they added 70 lbs to her physique and it actually started to look like an unhealthy weight.

Since I first heard of WeightView, they’ve been featured on ABC, MSNBC, NBC, The Early Show, Tyra (Tyra Banks’ Show), Rachael Ray, Chicago Tribune and The Enquirer.

Weight View is offering Eat Smart Age Smart a change to upload their photo to see themselves a few pounds lighter. This software is free to use and you’ll find all the details here: ‘See how you’ll look 20 lbs thinner’.

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